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How to use it

It's very easy to use Wecount Smart Home Gym, pls follow the Instruction to start your Wecount journey!

Smart Tracker

1. Please press the switch on Tracker.

1. Please press the switch on Tracker.

 2. When it shows "Bluetooth" icon on screen, please pair and connect to your phone.


3. Please use the door as the support for the door anchor, and clip tracker on the anchor.


4. Please make sure the Tracker and door anchor are connected properly.


5.You can also use the door anchor in sideway.


6. If you need to turn off the Tracker, please press and hold the button for 3 seconds.


Smart Platform


1. Please press power button turn on the platform, blue light indicates power on.


2. Flashing blue light indicates pairing mode, please pair the platform to your smartphone.

3. Please click the "bluetooth" button in the app.



4. Please click the " PLATFORM" and connect.



5. Green light indicates successful bluetooth paring.


6. Please clip the resistance bands on the platform.


7. Please press the button on the buckle to adjust the belt length for higher or lower resistance.


8. You can choose 3pcs of workout bar connection.



9. Or 2pcs of workout bar connection.



10. Cross connect the resistance bands to the workout bar for additional resistance.


11. You may attach both clip to one side of the platform for additional resistance.


12. You may also connect multiple resistance bands for additional resistance.


13. Each side of the smart sensor can hold to 50kgs/100lbs of resistance. Approximately 4pcs of 30lbs green bands or 3pcs of 40lbs black bands.