FAQs – Wecount fitness


Shipping & ReturnsShipping & Returns ?

Online orders can be returned or exchanged within 15 days of receiving the parcel, providing they are in original resalable condition.


Wecount set comes with one year warranty.

What is the weight limit for the workout bar ?

The workout bar was designed to handle of up to 500LBS of force.

What is the weight resistance of each bands ?

We have 3 kinds of bands, yellow- 20lbs, green-30lbs, and black- 40lbs, each band can stretch up to 5 times its own length.

I’m 5’8” will this work with my height ?

It works for height since 4'5" to 6".

What's the maximum loading weight of platform ?

We test driving over it with a 3MT truck, The platform can withstand more than 1500lbs of pressures and survive drops without major damages.

What's the maximum pulling strength of each clip in platform?

The maximum range of pressure sensor in each side is 100lbs, so the maximum pulling strength of each clip is 100lbs, totally 200lbs from both sides.

Is this just for home use or can I use outside of home like a park for example

wecount home gym is portable, so you can carry it to every where you want to.

What's the maximum pulling strength of smart tracker ?

The maximum pulling strangth of tracker is the same to the maximum range of pressure sensor, it's 200lbs.

How many bands come in box? And how much pound is the max that can applied all together ?

There are 2x20lbs and 2x30lbs bands in Wecount set box, but you can also purchase 40lbs bands and extra 20lbs or 30lbs bands from our website.

Why my App crashing and freezing ?

Wecount is a new product, the app is not perfect, we are improving it continuously, if you like Wecount, we need your help to tell us your problem and make it better, thanks for your understanding!

I want to know what kind of exercises can be done? Is there a manual or some structured program ?

We have Wecount App for free to use, there are hundred of workout tutroial to follow.