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Full Gym, Portable, Smart

Wecount is a total smart workout system that replaces traditional workout equipment, saving your thousands of dollars while adding portability and versatility.
It powers you to get strong, confident and ready to move from absolutely anywhere and at anytime.

New Resistance Band Design

Wecount has a new resistance band design, there are 20, 30 and 40lbs for you to choose from. It's lighter but stronger. Each band can stretch up to 5 times its own length.

Easy to adjust resistance on platform

Customize your workouts with easily adjustable resistance bands to provide the perfect amount of resistance for any fitness level.

How It Works?

Push Buckle

Push buckle to adjust the length of the belt, longer belt with less resistance in the same height

Before Adjust

If the resistance of some exercises is too much, you can directly adjust the length of the belt to reduce resistance.

After Adjust

Adjust resistance freely for different resistance training, especially suitable for strength increasing session training

Cherished by Linda Evangelista

I love that this kit is not only portable and includes tracking modules, but it has everything for a full body workout.

The application works really well to track your workout if you need it to, but just by itself it has enough to make for a really convenient home gym. I also was able to combine resistance bands from other products to increase the load and make squats more challenging.

Unboxing is super easy, and everything is connected to the platform, which makes storing after a workout simple. It even comes with a door mount to do the triceps and lateral exercises.


Wecount simulates the professional equipment found in gyms, such as the rowing machine, barbells, stationary bicycle and more. It allows you to complete full-body workouts using over 100 different exercises.

Our Specifications

Maximum resistance 200lbs

Up to 200lbs maximum weight resistance on platform and smart tracker.

Powerful battery life

Instead of rechargeable batteries, Wecount just needs 3 and 4 dry batteries, which can last about half a year.

Strong material

Wecount's plateform is made from a very strong, tough material, it can support more than 100lbs without cracking.

Easy to adjust

Easy to adjust weight resistance using the telescoping mechanism on the platform